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People that are close to me know how much of a complete Tron fanatic I am.  I’ve always loved the Tron movies, even today, watching Tron made in 1982 is still a great story.  Disney took a heck-of-risk as I mentioned in my previous post discussing some Tron history.  Unfortunately in 1982 I don’t believe the world was quite ready for a move quite that advanced and it wound up as a box office flop.  Though over the years the movie has gained a huge cult following.

Enter Tron: Legacy

With legacy I think Disney has met with success.  Skeptics would argue that it didn’t make enough money at the theater to warrant another Tron movie and to some extent that’s a reasonable argument but it’s flawed.   Disney reported a 54% earnings increase and pointed at Tron: Legacy as well as a few other titles.  According to this post on Feb 8th, 2011: http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118031762  had this to say:


Clearly this movie is viewed as a success by Disney which hopefully means more of it!  I will say this much, I’ve been keeping a close eye on “Tron” in twitter and it’s almost CONSTANTLY being discussed.  Mashable posted about this here: http://mashable.com/2010/12/28/true-grit-fockers-tron-twitter/.  I’ve been keeping tabs for a while now and as proof I’ve taken several screen shots at various random intervals check out the traffic:


These three screen shots, from left to right.  On the left one the time frame was Sunday Jan1st @ 1:17am EST.  Someone would rather watch Tron and Inception than go to sleep. Smile  The second screen shot was Monday Jan 16th at about 5:30pm. The third is from Today the 20th at about 4:30ish or so.  If you carefully examine the time stamps, there is not a great deal of time that passes between mentions, granted 100% of them are NOT Tron: Legacy but the point is that for the last twenty days I’ve been watching this pretty closely and the traffic is nearly constant.  Obviously people are talking about this even after over a year now the movie STILL has nearly a constant stream of twitter traffic discussing it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again in an annoyingly huge font:

Disney, we LOVE TRON!

I an anxious for the animated series to hit Disney XD and am very hopeful that we’ll see another movie!

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