BingPaper Update: Just in time!

Just in time for me to get RC1 completed before the end of the year!

After hearing a few reports from friends of mine, and also starting to experience the problem personally I noticed BingPaper started crashing.  This turned out to be an easy fix and tonight I finally got a chance to get it fixed, tested, checked in, and published to the CodePlex site.  If you have BingPaper and have had problems with it crashing lately, please grab the latest update to make that problem go away.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy this newer release of BingPaper.  My current plan is to let this one sit out in the wild until mid January and then release v1.0.  In the mean time I'm going to be working in the Dev branch to add some additional logging details in case problems arise and once completed I'll then branch it to create the 1.0 release.

After the 1.0 release, I’m not sure if I’ll ever work on another. I do have some features in mind if I were to do so.  Some of the following are some enhancements I'd like to see added: 

  • The ability to support the new MP4 images that Microsoft is now putting up on Bing.  Truth be told this feature annoys me.  I often times leave Bing open on a monitor some where and the new animation catches my eye and distracts me, but I’m sure some people would like to see support for grabbing these added to BingPaper.
  • Currently BingPaper is pulling all kinds of interesting details from the site.  For example all the details provided when you hover over the boxes that describe the image is downloaded with the graphic, but it’s then tossed out.  If there is another release it might be neat to persist that information and have some sort of Bing image browser.
  • Someone suggested the ability to change the windows colors to match the current Bing image, this wouldn’t be a terribly difficult thing to do, but it’s for sure something that belongs in another release, if there is one. Smile 

Thanks to everyone who has submitted suggestions/feedback of bugs on the BingPaper site on CodePlex, please keep them coming and it will help decide if a new release should be worked on or not.

Thanks again and Happy New Year!

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