From Facebook User to Facebook Developer: Part 3

Part 3 – Communicating with Facebook

Now that we’ve covered the tools and gone over the platform from a high level, we’ll turn it upside down and take a look at it from the code side of it. More...

From Facebook User to Facebook Developer

Part 1 – Introduction and some background information

It has been a great deal of time since my last post and many, many things have transpired since then.  For over a year now I’ve been building applications on Facebook and it’s been quite the journey and I’ve learned a great deal!  If you’re interested feel free to read on… More... going dark

Not that my web sites get enough traffic to warrant doing this, but it’s still the principal.  The primary web site as well as this blog site will go dark later this morning starting at 8am to protest SOPA/PIPA.

BingPaper Update: Just in time!

Just in time for me to get RC1 completed before the end of the year!

After hearing a few reports from friends of mine, and also starting to experience the problem personally I noticed BingPaper started crashing.  This turned out to be an easy fix and tonight I finally got a chance to get it fixed, tested, checked in, and published to the CodePlex site.  If you have BingPaper and have had problems with it crashing lately, please grab the latest update to make that problem go away. More...

Why it’s time to say goodbye to Mozy: A warm welcome to Carbonite!

Mozy has been both a positive and a negative experience over the years.  I’ve run into issues where the restore was corrupted, and a request of a different restore in time fixed the issue, annoying, especially given how long it seemed to take for my restore to be available for download, then to have to wait for the download to finish.  The Mozy client is so poorly written that I didn’t bother to install it on my newest laptop as it loves to PEG the hard drive and I got very tired of that problem alone.More...

Using log4net

I was going to write up a bunch of steps with code, screen shots, config settings, etc for working with log4net, but it turns out someone, a while ago, has beat me to the punch.  The articles I found are fantastically done and I see no reason to re-write what someone has already done a superb job of doing.  So without further ado, here is a link to a “landing” page the author created with links to all his log4net articles.  This link should wind up in your favorites!

Using Beyond Compare with Fiddler


Two tools that should be in every developer’s arsenal are Fiddler and Beyond Compare.


Tron: Some history and my opinion of Legacy


Feel free to skip past this, If you’d rather cut to the chase and  want the summary of my thoughts and opinion about the movie feel free to skip to the Tron Legacy: My Opinion portion of this post. Smile  Otherwise I’m going to ramble quite a bit talking about some Tron History and also provide some details on how and why the movie is and always will be #1 on my list of favorites.  My Disclaimer: As such, odds are that you might as well understand this is going to be a positive review as I am biased to begin with. 


Configuring RDP: Getting it to work, and then some…


A friend of mine asked me how to do this so I figured I would turn into into a blog post as it may help others as well and I haven’t blogged in quite some time so why not?  Hope this explains every thing needed to make this work, if you have a correction, suggestion or comment please feel free to leave a comment.


Dragon Age: The Darkspawn Chronicles

After getting home today I quickly purchased the new add-on and got started right away.  I want to first say this add-on was VERY well done!  It felt very well put together, the was no “loose ends” feeling that I got from the Awakening expansion.  A huge congrats to the Dragon Age team on a job extremely well done!

I defended the Archdemon and all my previous allies now lay slain.  You get to meet (and kill) the whole bunch.  I won’t spoil who, but I’m sure you can guess. :)

Well worth the $5.00 price tag, I almost feel bad as I beat the add-on already and I’m sure the Bioware team poured lots of development, testing and QA hours into the add-on and I waltzed right though it.  Though in my case it was quite a challenge because I’m normally the type who prefers to play caster characters, and as a Darkspawn Vanguard you’re NOT a caster.

The cool part of the game is how you “acquire” party members, you basically use an ability to create a “thrall.”  The target of the spell joins your group and your group limit is 4, as per usual.  The add-on took some time to adjust to for me because I play caster type characters, but it was extremely fun!

Thanks Bioware for yet another great add-on to Dragon Age!  I’m excited to see what you have in store for us now.  What a surprise this add-on was, excellent job on the twist factor! :)

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