All hail: the death of the PC…


For many years now, so many people have been saying: “PC’s are dying!” or "Sales are slowing for PCs!" or "Manufactures better start moving away from PCs! (NOTE: just wait until you read this article and realize just how dumb it is)".  It’s been said by so many people and quite frankly I’ve gotten to the point where I just ignore the rhetoric as it’s been going on since as far back as I can remember. More...

Microsoft Sues Samsung


Microsoft has, for a while now, been working hard to grow their market share with the Windows phone but so far it has been a rough, rocky road.  And now news that Microsoft has decided to sue Samsung for “patent royalty” issues just makes me wonder. More...

Legacy code bases and lack of innovation…

A previous job I worked at was “stuck in a rut” of not being able/willing to move to newer more modern development platforms.  Instead they decided to continue to grow their code base using tools that by today’s standards are obsolete.  This is a little rant I’ve had in my draft folder for a while now and decided to post it this evening as a random thought. More... going dark

Not that my web sites get enough traffic to warrant doing this, but it’s still the principal.  The primary web site as well as this blog site will go dark later this morning starting at 8am to protest SOPA/PIPA.

An annoying trend for Gamers

An annoying trend that I believe is making it more difficult for gamers is that everyone is now trying to build their own “Steam” system.  For EA Games, I now have to create an account and use their launcher.  This evening I got an email from UbiSoft whom is also introducing their own system.  The problem: Of course these vendors aren’t going to cannibalize their own products and use Steam which makes me, the consumer quite unhappy.  Rather than go to one place to play all my cloud hosted games, I have to go to many.  Not to mention adding even more user names and passwords to my already ridiculously long list.  Why can’t these guys also publish though Steam.  Steam is a proven platform that has been around for many many years and it serves as a great, single place, to house, play and store all my games.

Please can you game publishers stop trying to get into social networking and stick to your core competency: Creating good games?  Can we please stop the mass amounts of user names, passwords, and all the other extremely annoying authentication tactics?  Can’t everyone just interface with a platform that already has a huge subscription base?  Why try to re-create something that has this many gamers on-line nearly all the time:


It’s taken Steam a good number of years to get that number, good luck matching it!  Just use Steam to make my life easier, PLEASE!

The abuse of “Perception is Reality”

I’ve heard the saying “Perception is reality” being misused so often that I felt the need to post a rant about it.More...

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