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People that are close to me know how much of a complete Tron fanatic I am.  I’ve always loved the Tron movies, even today, watching Tron made in 1982 is still a great story.  Disney took a heck-of-risk as I mentioned in my previous post discussing some Tron history.  Unfortunately in 1982 I don’t believe the world was quite ready for a move quite that advanced and it wound up as a box office flop.  Though over the years the movie has gained a huge cult following. More...

Tron: Some history and my opinion of Legacy


Feel free to skip past this, If you’d rather cut to the chase and  want the summary of my thoughts and opinion about the movie feel free to skip to the Tron Legacy: My Opinion portion of this post. Smile  Otherwise I’m going to ramble quite a bit talking about some Tron History and also provide some details on how and why the movie is and always will be #1 on my list of favorites.  My Disclaimer: As such, odds are that you might as well understand this is going to be a positive review as I am biased to begin with. 


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