Why it’s time to say goodbye to Mozy: A warm welcome to Carbonite!

Mozy has been both a positive and a negative experience over the years.  I’ve run into issues where the restore was corrupted, and a request of a different restore in time fixed the issue, annoying, especially given how long it seemed to take for my restore to be available for download, then to have to wait for the download to finish.  The Mozy client is so poorly written that I didn’t bother to install it on my newest laptop as it loves to PEG the hard drive and I got very tired of that problem alone.More...

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Eric Brown has been developing software and tinkering with computers for over twenty years.  Currently he spends most of his time with family and also learning the ins and outs of the various Microsoft technologies.  Currently he's learning what's new in the 4.5 framework as well the new features in Visual Studio 2013.

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