Dragon Age: The Darkspawn Chronicles

After getting home today I quickly purchased the new add-on and got started right away.  I want to first say this add-on was VERY well done!  It felt very well put together, the was no “loose ends” feeling that I got from the Awakening expansion.  A huge congrats to the Dragon Age team on a job extremely well done!

I defended the Archdemon and all my previous allies now lay slain.  You get to meet (and kill) the whole bunch.  I won’t spoil who, but I’m sure you can guess. :)

Well worth the $5.00 price tag, I almost feel bad as I beat the add-on already and I’m sure the Bioware team poured lots of development, testing and QA hours into the add-on and I waltzed right though it.  Though in my case it was quite a challenge because I’m normally the type who prefers to play caster characters, and as a Darkspawn Vanguard you’re NOT a caster.

The cool part of the game is how you “acquire” party members, you basically use an ability to create a “thrall.”  The target of the spell joins your group and your group limit is 4, as per usual.  The add-on took some time to adjust to for me because I play caster type characters, but it was extremely fun!

Thanks Bioware for yet another great add-on to Dragon Age!  I’m excited to see what you have in store for us now.  What a surprise this add-on was, excellent job on the twist factor! :)

An answer to a frequently asked question…

I get comments on many posts that ask if the person posting the comment may link to the content.  As a lazy developer I figured I’d make it easy to answer the question.  When I stood up this blog it was really a place for me to hold thoughts, ideas and things I learned.  I really had no idea that people would actually read my blog let alone ask if they could link to it or utilize it’s content!

To anyone who’s wondering: Please feel free to link to any post you find useful, you don’t have to ask.  I sincerely appreciate the consideration and the time you take to ask but it’s not a concern if you'd like to do so.

Thank you for asking and thank you for containing to read!

Say what you will, but…

Microsoft put together a really nice feature of Windows that I found myself using recently that worked very well.  There was an issue on my Wife’s laptop and it turns out some recent driver update basically broke her wireless adapter. More...

Dragon Age: New Content Announced!

Yesterday BioWare announced new downloadable content for Dragon Age called Darkspawn Chronicles.  This time around though you get to play as the Darkspawn rather than as a Warden.  You are to follow the orders from the Archdemon and your mission is to sack Denerim.

The web site puts it best:

“The city of Denerim, jewel of Ferelden, girds itself for war. As a hurlock vanguard, you alone hold the power to make thralls of your fellow darkspawn and drive them into the heat of battle. Heed the archdemon's call--Denerim must burn!”

I’m excited about this content, the evil side of me is patiently awaiting May 18th which is the current date.

I hope this content proves to be a bit better assembled and I hope the ending isn’t quite so blunt which further perpetuate “thrown together” feeling as I mentioned in a previous post here.


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