Humanity: When the chips are down we come together.


It seems more often than not the media reports on all the negative things going on around the world rather than focusing on anything positive.  "It gets the ratings" I imagine is the answer as to why but I for one am fed up with it and as a result rarely watch the news. More...

All hail: the death of the PC…


For many years now, so many people have been saying: “PC’s are dying!” or "Sales are slowing for PCs!" or "Manufactures better start moving away from PCs! (NOTE: just wait until you read this article and realize just how dumb it is)".  It’s been said by so many people and quite frankly I’ve gotten to the point where I just ignore the rhetoric as it’s been going on since as far back as I can remember. More...

Microsoft Sues Samsung


Microsoft has, for a while now, been working hard to grow their market share with the Windows phone but so far it has been a rough, rocky road.  And now news that Microsoft has decided to sue Samsung for “patent royalty” issues just makes me wonder. More...

Unsung Heroes


The world is a rapidly changing place.  With advances in technology and the age of everything being connected to the vast expanse of space called the internet and as human beings become more and more dependant on these various technologies there are many things to consider when security, privacy and information are of concern. More...

Caring: For a developer is this a strength or a weakness?

A question: Is there such a thing as caring too much?

Throughout my career I've met and worked with many people.  Some of them I was quite fond of, a larger majority I simply got along with and an extremely small fraction of them I flat out disliked.  More...

From Facebook User to Facebook Developer: Part 3

Part 3 – Communicating with Facebook

Now that we’ve covered the tools and gone over the platform from a high level, we’ll turn it upside down and take a look at it from the code side of it. More...

Visual Studio 2013: Some nice enhancements


Visual Studio 2012 was by far one of my favorite Visual Studio releases since say 2005.  It’s new UI is fantastic and while some of the new menus took some getting used to, once I did they felt natural and fine.  Along comes Visual Studio 2013… More...

Legacy code bases and lack of innovation…

A previous job I worked at was “stuck in a rut” of not being able/willing to move to newer more modern development platforms.  Instead they decided to continue to grow their code base using tools that by today’s standards are obsolete.  This is a little rant I’ve had in my draft folder for a while now and decided to post it this evening as a random thought. More...

From Facebook User to Facebook Developer: Part 2

Part 2 – The Facebook Tools

The tools developers use help them in many different ways.  In the previous post I touched on the Graph API Explorer This tool provides you with a great way to check the values of Facebook Graph Objects and query interesting things about them. More...

From Facebook User to Facebook Developer

Part 1 – Introduction and some background information

It has been a great deal of time since my last post and many, many things have transpired since then.  For over a year now I’ve been building applications on Facebook and it’s been quite the journey and I’ve learned a great deal!  If you’re interested feel free to read on… More...


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